ONH3 30th and MH3 8th Joint Anniversary Weekend - CANCELLED

June 19th – 21st 2020

Gl. Fønsvej 3
5500 Middelfart

Fønsborg naturlejr

We have space for 90 hashers
1 places left.


Payment info

Danish domestic transfers:
MobilePay: 41963008
Money transfers from outside Denmark:
IBAN: DK2368450000410920
Account name: ON H3
Name Kennel Date State
1 Pant in the Country Hamburg H7 Paid
2 High Fly Hannover H3 Paid
3 Sweaty Balls ONH3 / ÅH3 Paid
4 Righthanging Aarhus H3 Paid
5 BlondD Aarhus h3 Paid
6 Late Commer AH3 / ONH3 Paid
7 Massive Attack Århus H3 Paid
8 Madam Sin Manchester Paid
9 Both Ends Manchester Paid
10 Rubber Glove ONH3 Paid
11 Every Little Helps MH3 Paid
12 Pearl Necklace Manchester Paid
13 Mugger F*cker MH3 Paid
14 Squeezey Paid
15 Boomerang ONH3 Paid
16 Butt lips Onh3/ah3 Paid
17 Hitman Århus H3 Paid
18 Calapso Copenhagen Viking Wankers Paid
19 Fanny Chill Copenhagen Viking Wankers Paid
20 Foxy ONH3 Paid
21 Foggy Glasses Bergen H3 Paid
22 Allak’bar Ah3 Paid
23 Thin King Ah3 Paid
24 Soaked Arse Århus H3 Paid
25 Troubadurix ONH3 Paid
26 Whingeing Wiking Witch ONH3 Paid
27 Spiderman Århus H3 Paid
28 2.8 Seconds ONH3 / ÅH3 Paid
29 Muff Diver BH3 Paid
30 SquareHead Aarhus H3 Paid
31 Diarrhea Onh3 Paid
32 Beer Barbie ONH3 Paid
33 Ond ONH3 Paid
34 Rapfoot ONH3 Paid
35 Apple Jack Århus H3 Paid
36 Goofy ONH3 Paid
37 Mother Goose Århus H3 Paid
38 Wicked Beaver DRIFTER Paid
39 Slippery when wet Newcastle H3 Paid
40 Likk'mm B.I.T.CH H3 Paid
41 Four’n’Twenty Inverness Stockholm Paid
42 Double Dutch Mountain The Hague H3 Paid
43 Ban the Cock The Hague H3 Paid
44 Abominator BH3 Paid
45 Einball ONH3 Paid
46 Just Kay ONH3 Paid
47 Bruce Almighty Aberdeen Paid
48 Swans Frankfurt H3 Paid
49 STD Frankfurt H3 Paid
50 Standup ONH3 Paid
51 Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies ONH3 Paid
52 Witchdoctor Onh3 Paid
53 Can't Be Arsed Manchester Paid
54 Easily Accessible MH3 Paid
55 Knickerless Hamburg VIP H3 Paid
56 Swinging Tits GH3 Paid
57 Hot Boobs GH3 Paid
58 Mad Hatter Onh3 Paid
59 Fishy Red MH3 Paid
60 Seaman Staines MH3 Paid
61 Incontinentia ONH3 Paid
62 Gorgeous Lilly ONH3 Paid
63 Ayatollah ONH3 Paid
64 Bubbles D.R.I.F.T.E.R. H3 Paid
65 Beer Sniffer United Kingdom Paid
66 Horny Devil Manchester Paid
67 Biggles CH3 Paid
68 E.T CH3 Paid
70 Happy Bunny Feet GH3 Paid
71 Dr Butt BH3 Paid
72 Come Again Manchester Paid
73 Cockstop Manchester Paid
74 Triple Dickhead CH3 Paid
75 Joint Venture CH3 Paid
76 Salmonella Hannover H3 Paid
77 Comes Every Time Bh3 Paid
78 Check Me Out Bergen H3 Paid
79 Tweeny United Kingdom Paid
80 Guinea Pig BH3 Paid
81 Paprika Smiley Pattaya Hash Paid
82 Bottle Dodger Hashemite Hash House Harriers Paid
83 Lost Genie Hashemite Hash House Harriers Paid
84 Wet Dream CH3 Registered
85 Hash Mama Damascus Registered
86 Prick searcher KH3 Registered
87 Dutch Oven Disease Nagoya H3 Paid
88 Just Yota N/A Paid
89 SnotEnough Hannover H3 Registered