ONH3 33rd Anniversary

We have space for 75 hashers - 9 places left.

The ONH3 hashers are excited to invite you to our 33rd Anniversary, an excellent occasion for getting shitfaced while running around the Danish coastline.
Join us on June 16th-18th 2023 at Frederikshøj

Weekend programme

We are planning a “pub-crawl” in Frederikshøj vicinity on Friday, then party ‘till you drop.
Saturday will feature a delicious brunch before the Saturday runs from which you can choose between Ball Breaker, Long run, Medium run/fast walkers and short walk.
Our scouts have assured that the area offers beautiful and untouched hash territory to be explored during the weekend.
Namely, residents of the small island of Barsø should be in for a lively visit, which also means that the trails include a (very short) ferry ride and at least one swim stop.
After circles, we will serve a superb dinner and whip out our favorite hash band for the great Anniversary party!
Sunday hangover trail will be hared by whoever goes first to bed on Saturday, then please go home.

How much will this cost me?
We will of course provide excellent nosh along with all the beer, wine and soft drink you can consume from check-in Friday afternoon until fuck-off Sunday noon.
We have space for a total of 75 hashers, however Frederikshøj holds no more than 63 beds.
Should you prefer to sleep in a tent, you are more than welcome to bring one – let us know at registration.
Whichever accommodation you prefer, the price is 1700 DKK per hasher.

Is there a theme?
Like so many hashers, we love a good theme party! However, with the world having seen some rough years, we do not think it advisable to make you acquire a new party outfit. Instead, we hereby remind you of a well-known fact: that Old is Gold. Having attended several themed hash parties, most of us have weird stuff hanging at the back of our closets. This is your chance to repurpose the wildest, oldest or least used one, or simply your all-time favorite.

How do I get there?
The venue is a 1 hour 15 min drive from Billund Airport, but quite difficult to reach using public transport, we recommend renting a car in Billund.
A better option is Sønderborg Lufthavn only 45 min from the venue. Here it is possible to use Flextur Service (book min. 2 hours in advance) or take a X-bus to Aabenraa and a taxi from there.
Please see the Journeyplanner rejseplanen.dk for information on how this is achieved.
If you are at a total loss and need help reaching the venue, please reach out to mis-man at anniversary@onh3.dk . We cannot guarantee arranged transportation, but we can try.


Frederikshøj located in Southern Jutland, approximately 12 km north of Aabenraa.


Danish domestic transfers:
MobilePay: 41963008
Money transfers from outside Denmark:
IBAN: DK2368450000410920
Account name: ON H3