Next hash run #1426

Hashrun #1426 @ Rema 1000 Middelfart. starts at 18:30 with Goofy in front of the pack.

Boomerang said:  Stjerneskud - nam nam nam namme nam!!😋

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re: re: Xmas arrival

We will go to venue, when registartions open. And take partybuss to pub crawl. On On
Bambi · ·

re: Xmas arrival

Proppellen as suggested and then we will have to know if you are sorting out transportation to venue on your own:)
Boomerang · ·

Xmas arrival

Bergen hashers 10+ arriving at Billund 1300. Is venue open for baggage drop at that time?
Bambi · ·

Cuming DistraXions

Randbøldal Camping, Dalen 9
7183 Randbøldal.

The venue is close to Billund Airport, and a taxi will only be around 265DKK/35 Euro. Alternatively, it is possible to grab the bus 143 from Billund to Vejle and get off at Randbøldal. Bus 143 can also be used from Vejle if you are coming by train. The bus runs every hour, but it will not always go to Randbøldal. Otherwise you need to get off in Ny Nørup, 4 km from the venue, see timetable: Here

Ayatollah and Standup
Randbøldal Camping, Dalen 9 7183 Randbøldal.
Troubadurix and whingeing wiking witch
Randbøldal Camping, Dalen 97183 Randbøldal.
Randbøldal Camping, Dalen 9 7183 Randbøldal.