ONH3 33rd Anniversary

Frederikshøj located in Southern Jutland, approximately 12 km north of Aabenraa.

We have space for 75 hashers
5 places left.


Payment info

Danish domestic transfers:
MobilePay: 41963008
Money transfers from outside Denmark:
IBAN: DK2368450000410920
Account name: ON H3
Name Kennel Date State
1 Sweaty Balls OnH3 / ÅrhusH3 Registered
2 2.8 ONH3 / ÅH3 Registered
3 BlondD AH3 Registered
4 Troubadurix ONH3 Registered
5 Butt Lips ONH3 / Århus hash Registered
6 Hitman Århus H3 Registered
7 Bad girl ÅH3 Registered
8 Boomerang Danmark Registered
9 Bruce Almighty Aberdeen HHH Registered
10 Mad Hatter ONH3 Registered
11 Abominator BH3 Registered
12 Dr Butt BH3 Registered
13 Gorgeous Lilly ONH3 Registered
14 Ayatollah Onh3 Registered
15 Standup OnH3 Registered
16 Rubber Glove ONH3 Registered
17 Goofy ONH3 Registered
18 Late Commer ÅH3 Paid
19 Horse Hannover H3 Registered
20 Massive Attack Århus H3 Paid
21 High Fly Hannover H3 Paid
22 Pant in the Country H7 Paid
23 Righthanging Aarhus h3 Registered
24 Hidden Asset H7 Paid
25 SnotEnough (Snotty) Hannover H3 Paid
26 Salmonella Deutschland Paid
27 Longshanks Hamburg H7 Paid
28 Whingeing Wiking Witch ONH3 Registered
29 SquareHead Aarhus H3 Registered
30 Soaked Arse Århus H3 Registered
31 Ond ONH3 Registered
32 Beer Barbie ONH3 Registered
33 Guinea Pig BH3 Registered
34 Check Me Out Bergen Registered
35 Diarrhea Ah3 Registered
36 Allak’bar Ah3 Registered
37 Thin King Ah3 Registered
38 Just Karlo Ah3 Registered
39 More for Less Bergen H3 Registered
40 Vertigo Bergen h3 Registered
41 Bundeslicker H7 Registered
42 Incontinentia Danmark Registered
43 King of Sole OnH3 Registered
44 Latecomer Bh3 Registered
45 Fanny Chill Copenhagen Viking Wankers Registered
46 Calapso Copenhagen Viking Wankers Registered
47 Biggles CH3 Registered
48 E.T. CH3 Registered
49 Not Stupid BH3 Registered
50 Wee Wee Berlin H3 Paid
51 Flip Flop ONH3 Registered
52 Body of desire Panamá Paid
53 Mobile Dick Rabid Danes H3 Registered
54 Groin Biter MERMAIDS and Hamburg H7 Registered
55 Silent P Berlin H3 Paid
56 Dirty Dancer Stockholm HHH Paid
57 Rose’ Stockholm h3 Paid
58 Pippi Longcocking Stockholm H3 Paid
59 Stretch Bull Moon H3 Registered
60 Twiggy ONH3 Registered
61 Frozen Balls Stockholm H3 Registered
62 Pirate Of The Queeribean Stockholm/ Oslo H3 Registered
63 Popolicious Berlin H3 Paid
64 Just Tue ONH3 Registered
65 Father Brown Hannover HHH Paid
66 Liquorice Hannover HHH Paid
67 Head job Hannover HHH3 Paid
68 Chiquita ÅH3 Registered
69 Spiderman Århus Registered
70 Peel A Penis Danmark Registered