By: Troubadurix

written after a particularly wet hash in May 1994

Hash Trash no .218
Tune: Hotel California

One lovely evening, the weather looked so well,
getting close to the start point it got murkier than hell.
Looked around for our R.A.,but tonight he wasn't here,
but through the sound of the falling drops I could swear that I heard him cheer:

Welcome to the Odense-Nyborg Hashers
Have a lot of fun when you're on the run.
Plenty of room with the Odense Nyborg Hashers
you can always bet that you will get wet.

The run took place at Odense, down at Seden Strand
Beagle Boy and Karin had the run quite neatly planned.
There were many short-cuts, lots of false trails too
But we just eleven were, so we all just had to woo:

Welcome to…..

When the run was over the rain came pouring down,
so we all got soaking wet whilst having the Down-downs.
The hares were given Down-downs twice, Mad Hatter, she got one.
Troubadurix one would get for falling to the ground.

Welcome to…..

Last thing I remembered I was driving home through the rain.
There were still some lunatics grilling sausages in vain.
When I rolled down the window, they jumped, as if in pain
I heard their voices through the gale: "We're singing in the rain!"

Welcome to…..