HASH-SONG no. 111
Tune: Loch Lomond

Hash run is fun
when at first you've begun
to join in with the daft Nyborg Hashers.
And now we are done
with run number one-one-one,
but not ready yet for someone to trash us.

You take the short cut
and I'll check the trail out,
and we'll meet again at the checkpoint.
As long as we're standing, we'll still be running on
we're the folly, jolly Hashers of Nyborg.

2 years of age,
we're still at a stage
where we're getting better and stronger.
ON-ON we are running
and shouting all along
until we find the trail is no longer.

You take the short cut…

We run down the street,
and we run in the wheat
and we roam throughout any old village.
But back at the DOWN-DOWN's
we'll gather all around
to drink our beer without any spillage.

You take the short cut…