By: Troubadurix

40 years birthday

Sweaty Balls
Tune: Jingle Balls

Sweaty Balls, Sweaty Balls
Always on the run
Hardly ever miss a hash and always having fun
Sweaty Balls, Sweaty Balls
Now turned 40 years
This we all will celebrate with lots of beers and cheers

A hasher known by all
That is our Sweaty Balls
You're joining all the interhashes, follows every call
With generosity
And hospitality
You love to have some friends around as long as it can be.


We all are very glad
Our Sweaty is like that
It almost would be perfect if you didn't snore like mad
We love the drunken sod
And we are quite a lot
Of friends who'd help you out next time you're sticking in the mud.