Bambi on ice
Tune: Cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women

In our little hash club there are quite a few
of hashers who like to inhale barley brew.
But one hasher is quite extreme, we can tell.
When Bambi he drinks, he goes crazy as hell.

He runs as steady as Bambi on ice,
and in between checkpoints he falls once or twice.
No sense of location, like shortsighted mice
as disordered toddler he sure takes the price.

If sometimes the trail passes close to a beach,
then Bambi most likely will be out of reach.
He jumps in the water and loses his spec's,
which only will make him a bit more perplex.

Whenever our Bambi is laying the trail,
we know that disaster will somehow prevail.
He loses the trail, and he also, oh dear,
at drink-stops forgets where he's hiding the beer.

A bull in a glass shop is what you compare
with Bambi when he tries to go down the stairs.
and passes the beer cases, stacked in a pile,
he'll knock them all over, in best Bambi style.