We go hashing
Tune: Clementine

From the distant dawn of mankind,
To the present state of bliss,
Evolution has refined us,
And the proof is simply this:

We go hashing, we go hashing, we go hashing once a week,
With the Odense Nyborg hashers, we go bonkers once a week.

Prehistoric treetop monkeys,
Taught us how to jump and fuck,
But they had no hashing spirit,
That we have is our good luck.

Cro-Magnon and other cavemen,
Did not live for very long,
They were just as wild as we are,
But they got the hashing wrong.

In the early Middle Ages,
Nuns and monks had little fun,
They had wine and fornication,
But they lacked a decent run.

Billy Shakespeare wrote a sonnet,
More than twenty pages long,
All about the joys of hashing,
We can do it in a song.

Recent surveys of the country,
Show that only magic will,
Save the nation from perdition,
And we have the saving skill.

Girls and boys and other sexes,
Stand up tall and sing out clear:
We shall never be athletic,
We just do it for the beer.